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Vaclav started photography during his university studies when he fell in love with a sport called freediving. Freediving is a free form of diving in which the freediver descents under water on a single breath of air. Vaclav became an instructor of this extreme sport and so had an opportunity to see many beautiful spots of the
Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

“I was so amazed by the underwater world. The colourful coral reefs in the shallow waters, mystical wrecks resting at the bottom of the seas, huge variety of sea life, all that beauty asked one question “How to capture it? So I bought my first camera with underwater housing and my life of photography began.”

After graduating, Vaclav moved to London to study English. But after seeing the richness of Britain´s landscape, spreading from Cornwall´s stunning cliffs to Scotland´s Highlands with its mystique atmosphere, he fell in love with landscape photography.




During the stay in London Vaclav entered his first international photo competition and to his surprise won the first prize. A few weeks later another of his images was “Commended” in the final round of the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition and won place both in the Awards book and as part of a projection that ran at the National Theatre in London.

“I have never been obsessed by winning competitions. I don´t think photography is about competing. But finding that someone who knows what photography is about likes my work and understands what I had on my mind when making a photograph gives me energy and pushes me forward. ”

These days Vaclav organizes photography workshops and expeditions in Slovakia, Itali, Scotland, Norway and other countries, as UW photographer cooperates with the best freedivers in the world, contributes to many magazines and photography web sites, sells his images in limited edition all over the world, but most importantly captures beauty of mountains and underwater world.
“The biggest advantage is that I don´t make living from photography. Thanks to that I can focus on what I really enjoy and compete with myself only". 


In the world of digital technology anyone, who has got enough money, can buy the latest model of professional camera and take some pictures. But is the most expensive equipment and knowing how to use it what photography is about?

“A good photograph has to express some feelings, tell us a story or something about the location, which is the most difficult thing to achieve especially in landscape photography which usually does not include people. There are plenty of nice pictures, but unique, striking, perceptive images are made, not taken. To make such an image requires first of all a gift which a photographer has to be born with, and then long lasting preparation including planning, logistics, composition searching and finally hours, days or even weeks of waiting for the right light. The final image is a product with all that issues in its background.”




All Vaclav´s underwater photographs are taken during diving on a single breath. Compared to other underwater photographers he is not a scuba diver and never use any scuba gear.

“Taking photos when diving on a single breath is much more difficult. To dive deep I have to completely relax my mind, slow down my pulse rate and switch myself into a diving mode in which time passes in a different way and it is difficult to think.

Photography requires precise thinking about composition, light, camera, and external flash settings. To combine freediving and photography together represents an interesting challenge.”




The most frequent question Vaclav is asked as a photographer is whether he uses Photoshop.

“There is a great misconception among the public that photography like mine is somehow "created" in Photoshop. Yes, every photographer has to use Photoshop in some way. But no amount of processing in today´s digital darkroom can fix a bad composition, create great light or change a gray sky into a sunset.

My aim in photography is to capture unique but genuine moments. I don´t change colours, I don´t use coloured filters and I don´t combine different photos in Photoshop. If you see a photograph of a colourful sunrise it is because I´ve spent countless mornings waiting for the moment when all the elements of light, composition and colour come together to make a perfect image.”




Vaclav hopes to expand his photo portfolio to cover more landscape locations as well as diving spots of the Red sea and the Indian ocean, so please call again.

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